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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  October 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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emergency in jamaica bay, a boat capsizes plunging five people in to the stormy waters. >> a terrifying situation for five people at the height of this storm. >> i. >> they were in the water, fighting for their lives. news 4's michael george is live with exclusive details. >> police urce tellse they believe these five boaters were fishing in t middle of the storm with the rain and wind coming down on top of them. look at how bad it is on the water. powerful waves. this is what the boaters were with dealing. we have video of the overturned boat. they were trapped in the waters of jamaica bay in complete darkness. it is likely no one found them but then an incdible stroke of luck. one managed to get to shore and climbed in front of an nypd operations center. he flagged down an officer and
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rescuers from the nypd and fdny were there in minutes. they managed to rescue all five but two are in critical condition. the water isery cold right now. there's some powerful waves and strong winds. these guys were in the water for some time. the other three boaters are suffering from exhaustion. they are expected to survive. right now two are fighting for their lives. but a very amazing stroke of luck the boater that saved himself and climbed up the shore managed to be where rescuers would be, just incredible. right now we are staying on top of how they are doing. two in critical condition. three in serious but stable. we're live right now on jamaica bay, michael george, news 4 new york. >> remarkable. the rain has been coming do all day . streets are flooded and trees are down. here's janice huff. >> the waves over jamaica bay 10 to 15 feet. no wonder the boat had trouble there.
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high the rest of the night. the moisture stream continues northward from our developing coastal system in the carolinas. they have had as much as eight inches of rain there and may see another eight inches in spots. here we're not going to see that much, thank goodness. it is steady. we have another wave moving through right now. things will taper off tomplt not as much rain. already we are over an inch in central park and most areas upwards of one to two inches of rainfall just today. the coastal areas may see another inch of rain. winds between 20 to 30 miles an hour. 35 mile an hour gust here in long branch. along the jersey shore is where you may see higher gusts, up to 50 miles an hour through tomorrow evening. the coastal flooding will continue. detail on that and when the conditions will improve, plus joaquin. that's coming up in a few minutes. rising waters cut off some streets and homes along the
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tide may spell more trouble a short time from now. brynn gingras is live with the details. >> the high winds that janice was talking about, we are feeling that along the jersey shore. that's one of the things here on the coastal jersey shore towns are focusing on. the other is when the next high tide comes in and the possibility of more flooding. trees are trying to stand their ground in the digh winds this coastal storm is producing. in asbury park, minor power outages, but some as the winds battered lines forcing crews out in the nasty weather to work. other areas, the rain is the worst enemy. >> with the storm coming in, you know, we're definitely seeing water. >> reporter: we talked to these girls der e cover of this restaurant but the thoughts of their own homes on their minds as every few hours the impending high tide brings the threat of
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flooding from the bay. >> yeah, they said there's supposed to be six more tides coming in. each is supposed to get worse. so, you know, hopefully -- we will definite ly see flooding but hopefully it doesn't get in the house. >> the water comes up under the floor boards, too. not just in the doors so there are sandbags but doesn't work. >> the flooding caused street closures throughout the day and is expected in to the weekend. ther. >> she is by herself and 87 and so i'm worried about flooding. winds. residents remembering evacuation routes. people taking a deep sigh of relief that joaquin is headed out to sea. this coastal storm is bringing its own challenges. >> what do you think of the storm so har? >> probably the wind. the wind. the rain but the wi.
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high wind, those high wind gusts are the biggest challenge right now. i have a little protection from a shed right here. i'm not even getting the brunt of it. this area on the beach coast, that's the worst. certainly high tide comg in at 12:30, 1:00. people were telling me before they went to bed, they are preparing for more possible flooding. brynn gingras, news 4 new york. >> thank you. floinod is a problem in inland areas. take a look at the water rushing down the street in queens. residents say it is because of po drainage. they have been trying to get it fixed for years. in long island cleanup is dunderway after a large tree toppled over in the windy weather. this happened in smithtown. no one was hurt. >> > you can stay one step ahead of the weather with the nbc 4 new york app. get alerts sent to your smartphone. heart broken and in
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disbelief is how many are feeling in one noun oregon. the latest scene of carnage at the hands of a mad man who stormed in to a campus on a mission to kill. >> reporter: tonight, we are learning much more about the victims, the tragedy at umpqua college. the man who unleashed the deadly fire and those credited with trying to stop him, including an army veteran now covering in the hospital. >> i'm very lucky. some people didn't make it out of there. >> reporter: sara was in the classroom next to the writing class where the 6-year-old start -- 26-year-old started shootding. >> i didn't know if i was going to get shot. >> rorter: he armed with a rifle and extra ammunition shot students and staff. one witness said the shooter asked some student s what religion they were. >> if they were christian they were shot in the head. if they stated other or didn't answer they were shot in the leg.
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>> reporter: tonight we learned e gunman left a hateesilled letter at the scene. you see police leaving his apartment with evidence in hand. >> we may never completely determintoe what the motive wup was. we are going to look everywhere. >> the sheriff vowing to focus on the victims and their families in roseburg. nine innocent people shot dead ranging in age from 18 to 67. cero alcaraz. >> 34-year-old jason dale johnson hasn't fwhn school a week. >> i wish i would have said don't go. if i knew what i knew now. nine others were hurt in the shooting inclu ng chris mince an army veteran hailed a hero tonight. said to have rushed the gunman, shot five times. >> he was trying to block the shooter from coming in. >> and may have saved lives. >> as for those injured victims still in the hospital tonight, they are seriously injured but they are all expected to you are survive. >> thank you.
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president obama again made a strong pitch for tougher gun control today and new york governor andrew cuomo said that democrats democrats shut down the government unt the gun laws are passed. >> call up your representative d say go something, do something. i'm tired of hearing what you can't do. do this.ns>> congressman king, a republican sponsor of tougher background checks said the latest tragedy will not change fi congressional math. >> i don't see it moving. have five cosponsors and that's not enough t get it through. we would have to have 60 to70 to get through. the latest poll show less than half of americans support stricter gun control laws. back here at home, new jersey priest is in jail tonight accused of pulling a gun on an 8-year-old boy. >> wait until you see why and
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hear why. news 4's checkey bedford is live with details. >> this is really bizarre. this priest allegedly pulled the gun because the boy roots for the cowboys. some say it may have been a bad joke that went wrong but the prosecutors say the child was very frightened by the incident. they are taking it seriously and the priest was arrested and charged tonight. this holy place, st. margaret of cortona roman catholic church, the scene prosecutors say of an unbelievable and frightening encounter between a priest and a parishioner. >> the priest called an 8-year-old boy in to a common arju by the church rectory, and put him up against the wall and pointed a long arm rifle. he said i'm going to shoot you. >>eporter: the antique gun waserunloaded but t reason bergen county prosecutor said the
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priest kevin carter allegedly targeted boy will floor you. >> the young boy was apparently a fan of a particular football team. and the priest i guess indicated he was not. >> reporter: the 8-year-old a cowboys fan. the priest rooting for the gi ts. still reason enough for the priest to pull the gun on a child? >> that would be the last prn you would think to pull out a gun on a little kid over football. >> reporter: the incident ha ened on septembe 13th with the boys parents and other parishioners as witnesses with. but it was one of the parishioners not the parents who reported it to the archdiocese two weeks later. one parishioner laughed off the allegations but joke or not, father carter, a police chaplain noted to help saint margarets recover after sandy facing child endangerment charges. >> there's no such thing as joking around with a weapon when yo'u are dealing with an 8-year-old kid. >> prosecutors say the
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we tried to reach out to the archdiocese and have not heard back at this pornt. coming up, a careless act or crime? why flicking a cigarette has fire marshals hunting for the man in this video. texting dooil while driving a motorcycle is not a good idea. this guy is doing it while chased by police. we will show you how it ended. a sneak peek at the season premier of "saturday night live." who will be this year's first
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where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease an mkz hybrid for $299 a month onlyt your lincoln dealer. the flick of a cigarette caught on camera may have led to a fire on stat island. the man in this surveillance
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cigarette in the direction of a building. minutes later, that building, which housed the staten isla chamber of commerce went up in flames. the fire did severe damage to the building and fire marshals want to talk to the man in the video about it. the city's department building said there were three complaints three years ago about an elevator where a man lost his life today but nothing more recent. the 37-year-old was visiting friends. his friends say the elevator malfunctioned while he was trying to get out of it and he was crushed. >> my roommates just rode the elevator about 15 minutes before it happened. it's really scary. >> our lives depend on these technologies being safe. >> reporter: the building's commissioner said the elevator may have been overloaded before the incident. right now he says the death appears to be a tragic accident. the investigation continues.
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stepping down his name turned up in a wide ranging probe in to the port authority which he previously lobbied on behalf of united airlines. the investigation led to the ouster of the crowe. he denies any ethics violations. john king jr. will take over the department of education. he will replace arne duncan who announced he's stepping down. >> while i'm deeply sad to be leaving, i'm extraordinarily happy and thankful and proud that john will carry on this work with the team are. >> reporter: he is heading home to chicago after seven years as education secretary. king will take on his responsibilities but not his title. president obama has decided not to nominate him as secretary to avoid a confirmation bat until the senate. david denkins is getting a building namedfter him and not
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building will be renamed in his honor. after years of service as a city clerk, he became the fst black mayor. he was elected in 1989 and rved one four year ter a motorcycle rider leads police on a high-npeed chase all the while texting on his cell phone. thursday afternoon in martin county, florida. the rider is caught riding without hands to text. the helicopter pilot forced him off the interstate where he was arrested. he faces multiple charges including fleeing and eluding police. >> and charge for being stupid. >> lucky to be alive frankl >> seriously. too. >> probably tweeting, too. >> i think he forgot where he was. our weather is a mess. it could be a worse mess if joaquin were moving in our direction but it's not. i have the latest update on
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outside right now, which is a lot of wind and rain, and water pushed on shore at the coastal areas. coastal flooding is an issue. cloudy skies and 48 degrees. cold. this is cold for this time of the year. we won't see things warming up in to the weekend. it is cool and damp and raw tomorrow too but not as rainy. we expect most of the rain to be over by sunrise in most locations. the wind and on shore push of the water will continue. while joaquin stays at sea, goes out to sea and pulls away from se bahamas. improving conditions expected there in the next 18 hours. some of the warnings have been discontinued for the bahamas. great news for them. the storm has been there way too long. category three storm will continue to weaken slowly but surely as it goes to the north and easta
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hurricane watch in effect for bermuda. no problem for us here. even if we get a few waves generated from it sunday in to monday it wcn't be as big of a deal as what we are seeing now. the system is tapping in to tropical moisture near joaquin in the upper levels. we could see the rain moving north across the area. it has been a steady soaking most of the day. one to three inches of rain across the region. coastal flooding, still a problem. as long as we have those easterly winds and we will for the next 24 hours, biggest problem at the jersey shore. moderate flooding at the next hiough te e. minor flooding for long island and looild long island sound during your high tide. you have high surf advisory that continues through saturday. it's not a time to be out fishing on the water. that's for sure. high waves that we expect to continue n. the 40s and 50s right now. long island, coastal connecticut, you have the wind.
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rain is lakely in the morning. few showers in the afternoon. not a lot of heavy rain there. in and around ste city, chilly in the 40s. chilly all day tomorrow in the 50s. we will start to see a break from the rain in the morning. on sunday, might see a spotty sprinkle here and there. still cloudy and breezy but it should warm up slowly. by monday the sun eturns and the 70s are back by tuesday. tomorrow morning on today in new york they will havthe latest on the weather happen sglng if we can just get through the weekend. >> we will get through. >> thank you. all right, john -- >> i have something that will get you through the weekend. >> tell me. >> baseball. >> i like it. >> we have to figure out who's playing who with the yankees celebrating their wild card birth last night. tonight they hope to move closer finding out who they will face on tuesday. what goes good with coffee and pancakes on a sunday morning, how about a jets kickoff. i will explain why they are playing so early and adjusting
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here's what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight. >> thank you, chuck and sibila and everyone in new york. seth rogen and steve wozniak are here for true confessions. and thank you notes. do not change the channel. it's good. >> have a tip for new yk's
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night live" it may have felt like a long time without the show. >> but it is returning this weekend and we can confirm that miley cyrus will host and perform as a musical guest. politics will likely take the stage as the show begins the fifth decade on the air. >> trump is truly built for our show. when i come back it feels like i'm seeing in color again. >> presidential clinton may andidate clinton may appear in person. tune in after the late news on saturday night. >> i will be watching. >> we'll be right back with john
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we were talking about how dampb year, what a difference a year makes. what we were talking about last year and this year my goodness. >> an early start to football season last year and this year playoffs. >> the mets and yankees both headed to the playoffs. it did rain on the plans for tonight. both games washed out and both will make up doubleheaders
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tomorrow. these games really mean something to the mets and yankees. yanks need to settle the who and where for their wild card game on tuesday. after clinching the spot and rightly celebrating. being off on friday isn't a bad thing. fun in the locker room there. world series last year was a matchup of two wild card teams. the yankees are back in the playoffs for the first time since 2012. they need to win to make sure tuesday's game is the bronx. to arlington, texas, to see if the other half of the wild card picture can come in to focus. rangers looking to celebrate the al west title. tie with a 22nd homer. in the ninth, albert pujols singling home mike trout and that would stand as the game-winning run. the angels wild card hopes still alive. astros not going quietly either in the west. they lead the diamondbacks 7-1. the game still in progress.
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the jets will face the dolphins in london on sunday. they brought 350 rolls of toilet paper with them. the british tabloids had a field day with that, trust me. the jets arrived in london, a team eyeing a 3-1 start. nothing to joke about with this team. first year head coach has things in check so r. jets held a light workout today. chris will play. decker is a ge time decision. victor cruz will make an appearance on "the tonight show" in a few minutes here on 4 new york. he doesn't know when he will return to the field after a setback with his calf injury. today the giants wide out was frustrated. >> this has to end. i'm tired of looking at reporters every day. i'd rather look at green grass and number lines on the field. you know what i mean? i haven't lost faith. i know that my time will come. when that time is up in the air.
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i know my time will come back here in a blue uniform with the new york giants. >> you can understand his frustration there. meanwhile on the east side, tom coughlin was a businesscy man. the giants head coach and the champions for children gala raised a million dollars. that's incredible. it is in the 11th year. it helps children and families tackling cancer them giants head coach started the foundation in memory of jay mcgillis who played for him at boston college and died of leukemia 20 years ago. bruce beck emceed the event and caught up with the coach. >> trying to bring a smile to a family and child can, trying to support them in all kinds of ways but also understanding what they are going through. we saw it with the mcgillis family. >> he likes to talk about miracles. he's seen many of them over the years. i think the charity is responsibility for a number of them as well. tom is a super bowl champion and that is just as important to
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